People are all different. Motorcyclists are all different. One size does not fit all.

Currently the online space for motorcycling assumes that everyone is the same. The majority of publications online are built around a ‘stack ’em high’philosophy when it comes to attracting and keeping ‘users’ and because of this the effectiveness of advertising within these properties is plummeting.

The D.O.P. network features invite-only, specialist publications that care about passionate content above and beyond all else. Because of this we can offer audience retention and engagement rates way above and beyond those of the more traditional publications.

  • We want our clients to be happy with their campaigns (and we’ll work hard to ensure that they are as effective as possible).

  • We want our publishers to be happy with the products and brands that they work with – and associate themselves with – online. That’s why we’re highly selective about those people that we create advertising for.

  • We want to keep the audience of the network happy, if they’re engaged with the sites that they visit, then they’ll be engaged with the products that they are associated with.
"We do good work, with good people, for good people"



Bike EXIF is the world’s premier showcase for cafe racers, bobbers and scramblers. 

Started by award-winning ad exec Chris Hunter in 2008, it’s now the go-to site for custom builders wanting to launch their bikes to a huge global audience.

With over 2.5 million followers across its social media accounts and regular name checks in the mainstream media, Bike EXIF is the biggest success story of the 21st century motorcycle media.

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Motofire regard themselves as the new voice of motorcycling online.

Set-up by friends who felt that the online environment for traditional motorcycle news had become stale, Motofire has become one of the fastest growing motorcycle websites in the world, with vibrant and engaged users across the web and social media.

Responsible for brand accounts of some of Europe’s largest retailers and manufacturers, Motofire pride themselves on their social media reach and abilities.

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The Bike Shed is one of the largest independent motorcycle blogs in the world, with a huge social media presence.

As well as their website, The Bike Shed also run several huge custom motorcycle shows every year – as well as sponsoring and supporting other industry events.

Whilst working as a close cooperative with other biking groups, clubs and businesses the Bike Shed support builders, riders and are especially welcoming to new people who are interested in getting on a bike. 

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Powerdrift are India’s fastest growing automotive YouTube channel

In an attempt to bring you the ‘real-deal’ version of motoring, the true grit of motorsports and the triumphant passion of a million enthusiasts across India, powerdrift have devised their own way of working.

Powerdrift are not “The Industry”. They don’t work like “The industry” and they don’t refer to “Industry” standards. Powerdrift make their own standards, their own benchmarks and the results hit your screens with delightful enthusiasm.

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We treat advertising differently.

We know that not all motorcyclists are the same. So why do we still promote our products and brands to these different audience types in all of the same places? D.O.P. aims to solve this problem. Our Network Partners have been hand-picked to deliver specific audiences to specific brands.

Maybe you’re looking for a Sports Enthusiast? Or a trend-riding, New-Wave Custom head? Perhaps you’re keen on attracting Adventure Seekers to your product? Is your brand aimed squarely at Young Bikers or Work Riders? Or how about the Passion Persuaders that live and breath biking?

Your product is unique to you, and it deserves to be treated as special.


Using an algorithm developed especially in-house, we can position your marketing so that it reaches the perfect audience blend. This means targeted brands for our publishers, a concentrated audience for your product, and greater return on your advertising investment for you.


All of the sites within the D.O.P Network have developed their communities organically and over considerable time.

Our audience trust us to deliver them interesting and engaging content that we know they’re going to love. 

We will never betray that trust.

Social Media

With over 3,000,000 social media followers between us – and a reach exponentially greater than that – a planned campaign with D.O.P. will find the engaged audience that your product deserves.

Branded Content

Sometimes the paths of commercial and editorial align. If you have a product that you know members of our network will love – and that we know will be of value to our audience – then let us join forces to create truly memorable content that will last way beyond the newspaper shelf-life.


We have a full-service, video production and digital creative suite to help turn your virtual campaign ideas into actual reality.

At D.O.P. we want to go further than just serving a few display banners or posting 120 characters into Twitter – we want to work with you to make your campaigns fly!

We produce and deliver quality editorial and video day in, and day out and with our branded content offerings we can work hand-in-hand with your marketing team to produce, schedule and launch truly extraordinary campaigns.

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